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Our record of achieving the highest per job and highest per investment dollar retention and relocation awards in each state in which we have had projects should tell you that regardless of the size of our competitors, or what other services they may be providing your company, if you want the best results then hire us.

- $110 million cash for 500 jobs
- $100 million cash (grants + salable tax credits) for 600 jobs

- $10.5 million cash for 275 jobs
- $6.4 million cash for 400 jobs retained
- 40% electricity subsidy for 10 years + $300,000 grant for 200 jobs retained
Relocation and Retention Awards

In this challenging business environment, Risk is something a company can ill afford. US Consults carefully negotiates significant incentives, mitigating Risk and maximizing Opportunity. Always diligent, US Consults provides extensive consequential analyses - evaluating and measuring both Risk and Opportunity to each line item cost. Functioning as adjunct staff rather than as a demand center, clients never need divert resources to the project - instead using US Consults to research and prepare all documents (from marketing materials and applications through to correspondence between the client and government), and to negotiate directly with government.

The result is not only significant financial benefit for the client - but also the peace of mind knowing that resources have been neither diverted nor distracted to achieve those benefits.

With a full understanding of the needs of both business and government, US Consults delivers unsurpassed results for its clients, with a 100% success rate over a 25 year history of providing unique services to businesses - always enhancing and never diminishing the client's relationship with government.
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